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Introducing our law firm

The Law Firm

Seibel & Henríquez is a general practice law firm established in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic recognized for its ethical commitment, loyalty to its clients and for offering a personalized and high-quality service.


Founded in 2005 under the name Seibel Dargam Henríquez & Herrera (SDH&H). 


Seibel & Henríquez offers an optimal legal service through accurate and practical advice, in a direct and efficient mode.  Besides being a response to the day-to-day needs of its business clients,  the firm mainly handles complex domestic and international business transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, international trade, litigation, intellectual property and e-commerce issues.

Our Team

Seibel & Henríquez is comprised of attorneys who combine solid academic training with broad experience in case management.  Each member of our team has the same commitment: to find direct solutions with satisfactory results to the challenges confronted by the clients.




Practice Areas

Seibel & Henríquez divides its practice into four main groups that satisfactorily cover all the legal services required by its clients. Each service group is integrated by specialists with extensive experience in the assistance of leading clients in their respective business areas who are constantly supervised by the partners and the directors of the Business and Dispute Resolution Departments of the firm.


Corporate, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Security Market, Franchise and Distribution, ...

Governmental and Regulated Sectors

Energy Law (electricity and hydrocarbons), Telecommunications, Aviation, Maritime, Environmental Law,

Real Estate Law and Hospitality

Construction, Condominiums, Hotel, Lodging and Travel, Leasing, Title Insurance, Urban Planning, ...


Arbitration and Alternative Conflict Solution, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Criminal Business Conflicts (White-collar crime), Administrative, Constitutional, Tax and Monetary Litigation

Our commitment is the search for direct solutions, in order to achieve optimal and satisfactory results for our clients

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